For 2018 we are excited to announce new fundraising incentives for our volunteers. Our goal is to raise $3000 this year before opening night.   For any of our volunteers that raise $250 before opening night, we will give them $50.  If you raise $500, we will give you $100.  This is a great way for our volunteers to help others and help themselves.  
If we hit our pre-opening night goal, we will also award the top two fundraisers $500 each. 
There are a few ways you can participate in fundraising before opening night. 
  1. Join our Virtual Food Drive for the Food Bank.  You can join our team by following these instructions.  Set up your own page and begin collecting donations!.  fundraising team. 
  2. Collect donations:  Tell people about Fright Nights and invite them to come check it out.  If they wish to give a donation, you can provide them with  "Fast Fright" passes that take them and their family to the front of the line! If you are new to Fright Nights, you can use our Flyer for more information.
Click here to see the progress of each of our volunteers!